Date posted: July 2, 2013
Written by: Rob Witman

Splitmo releases Poker Night TV game, leading the way with dual-screen Apple TV apps.



Gather your friends around the TV, it’s time for the fun and prizes of a 21st-century Poker Night!

Durham, NC – July 2, 2013 – Splitmo (, a company dedicated to merging mobile and television together using dual-screen apps, today announced its latest creation, Poker Night TV, is available world wide on the Apple App Store.

Poker Night TV includes a wealth of great features including:

  • Free to play with 8 friends or AI players
  • Real prizes given out as you win hands
  • Great learning tool with likely hand probabilities
  • Post game analysis of play

Poker Night TV leverages your big screen TV for a 21st Century take on Texas Hold’em Poker. Using an Apple TV and AirPlay, your TV shows off the common cards, pot and player positions while individual players’ cards are kept hidden on their devices. Players can toss their bets or their cards in on their own device while the rest of the group keeps up with the action on the TV. Even without an Apple TV, players can use their devices alone to monitor the action or connect an extra iPad as the virtual table.

Best of all, Poker Night TV is free to play. Instead of paying for chips like all the other poker games, Poker Night TV gives away real world prizes for playing! Win a hand, win an MP3, sandwich, discounted phone equipment and many more prizes. Why spend money to play poker with strangers when you can play with your friends and win real prizes?

Poker Night TV is free to download for a limited time in the Apple App Store.



About Splitmo

Splitmo was founded in 2012 to create mobile apps that leverage dual screen technologies such as Apple TV. It’s first app to reach the market – called Air Show – lets consumers spontaneously share their iPhone/iPad gallery images on an HDTV screen while using the handheld as an on-the-fly preview and editing screen. Poker Night TV expands their reach into the social gaming space. Splitmo is focused on the Apple TV ecosystem and expanding the capabilities of the popular set-top-box with innovative mobile applications.

The company’s founders previously built popular feature phone apps for mobile carrier customers such as Verizon and AT&T.

Splitmo is located in North Carolina and is privately held. For more information, visit