Pontifications on Product

All of the external signs were present; Apple TV product IDs appearing in developers’ Flurry results, numerous media pieces calling for native apps (CNNMoney, Gigaom, Forbes, etc), the announcement of controllers at WWDC (via Gizmodo), and finally the Forbe’s piece [...]


AirPlay Direct

As is typical the day before a new Apple announcement, all eyes are on the next iteration of the iPhone and iOS.  It seems almost impossible that this version will not include a fingerprint sensor, something that could be misunderstood [...]


Chromecast – part way there

We were pretty excited to see the announcement from Google yesterday about their new Chromecast device.  If nothing else, it is yet another big company that believes in the connection between your television and mobile phone.  Not only does Google [...]

Poker Night TV

Splitmo releases Poker Night TV game, leading the way with dual-screen Apple TV apps.

    Gather your friends around the TV, it’s time for the fun and prizes of a 21st-century Poker Night! Durham, NC – July 2, 2013 – Splitmo (, a company dedicated to merging mobile and television together using dual-screen apps, today announced [...]

iOS 7 Layers

Do iOS 7 layers lead to a 3D iPhone 6?

In a word, iOS 7 is polarizing.  I have seen a lot of vitriol concerning the design and I have also seen praise.  Aesthetically, I find the icons weak at best but I was reminded by @humphriesjm that looking beyond that, one [...]


WWDC Postmortem

It is no secret that Splitmo was hoping to hear about native Apple TV apps at WWDC last week.  We have been staking out a position in the nascent dual-screen app market and it would have been an awesome validation [...]

Apple TV

Apple TV, poised to disrupt the next gen console launches of 2013

I play video games.  Mostly I use the PS3 but I also enjoy the more casual games offered on mobile platforms.  These bite sized games serve a great diversionary role and can actually be quite entertaining and challenging.  They definitely [...]