Air Show - F.A.Q.

I don’t see “mirroring” as an option in the AirPlay menu

Only the latest devices support an external display over Wi-Fi. These devices include the iPad 2, new iPad and the iPhone 4s. If you have an earlier device, you may be able to tether it to your TV with an HDMI cable and appropriate adaptor. The iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th gen) and iPad will work with this configuration.

How can I delete all of the images in a show at once?

Touch down in the slide show area with 2 fingers and drag it down to the library area. As you move, you will notice that the slide show shrinks in size, indicating a successful gesture.  Once you let go inside the library area, you will be prompted to confirm the delete of all images.

What is the “Use 2 fingers to scroll” option in the settings?

If you are used to using a trackpad, this will be a great option to turn on. When it is on, scrolling in the library area requires 2 fingers instead of 1.  The benefit is that you don’t need to pause on an image when dragging them up to your slide show, they will follow right away.

How can I make the timer stop while an image is being shown?

You can touch the Pause button, which will stop the timer and keep the slide show from automatically moving to the next slide after the period is up. Alternatively, if you zoom / pan your image it will temporarily pause the timer until you have stopped manipulating it.

How can I put an image on the TV immediately?

If you tap an image, either in your slide show or in the library area, it will immediately be placed on the TV.  If you tapped on a library image, it will also be added to the slide show at the end.

Where is the library / TV on the iPhone / iPod?

Because of the smaller device size, the main screen is split in two. You can scroll the screen up and down to see the rest of the areas that aren’t visible currently. When you do this, it works best to touch the background area, otherwise you may drag an image or some other action.  Tapping on the different group headings will also scroll the screen down to make the library area visible.

I added a group to my slide show and now the app is locked.

If you add a lot of photos to the show all at once, the app may need a few seconds to complete the action.  Give it a minute and it should return to a more responsive state.

How do I add an entire album or event to my slide show?

Touch and hold on the group cover, then drag it up to the slide show area.  You will be prompted to confirm that you would like to add all of the photos at once.

Why can’t I pan / zoom my image on the TV?

Do you have the laser pointer activated? If you do, the image won’t move because you are controlling the laser dot on the screen. Try touching the laser pointer icon to turn this off and your ability to pan / zoom the image should return.

What is the “library area”?

This is the area that shows the albums & events as well as the individual images on your device.

Why does Air Show require location permissions?

Believe it or not, that is actually an Apple requirement when dealing with pictures.  Because your pictures may contain location information, Apple only provides apps access to your photo library AFTER the user provides location permissions.

Air Show doesn’t look at the location information of your photos nor any other location information.

The startup video plays on my TV, but I don’t see my images. What is wrong?

There is a bug with our original release when used on iOS6.

Please update Air Show to the latest version and everything will work correctly.

Air Show isn’t listed under the Location Settings, how do I enable access?

iOS 6 separated <strong>Photo</strong> permissions from the <strong>Location</strong> permissions.  As a result, Air Show is no longer listed under ‘Location’, but instead ‘Photos’.

Navigate on your device to ‘<strong>Settings</strong>’ -&gt; ‘<strong>Privacy</strong>’ -&gt; ‘<strong>Photos</strong>’ and you should be able to reenable access to your photos for the application.

How can I add a caption to an image?

Select a slide show image you want to caption by tapping it once. It will be highlighted with a blue outline. Then you can touch the magic want icon to enable the editing screen.

Alternatively, you can drag slide show imagesonto the magic wand icon.

Why is the TV display sometimes ‘choppy’ with AirPlay mirroring?

AirPlay mirroring sends a full high definition video to the TV, which is a lot of data.  As a result, this takes a lot of network bandwidth and can sometimes be inhibited by the connection strength.  You can do several things to ensure the best possible experience when using AirPlay.

  • Have you Apple TV connected to your network directly via an ethernet cable (instead of wireless)
  • Connect the device that is connected to the Apple TV to your wireless network via fast wireless protocols like ‘g’ or ‘n’ (instead of ‘b’)