Date posted: May 12, 2013
Written by: Rob Witman

Apple TV, poised to disrupt the next gen console launches of 2013

I play video games.  Mostly I use the PS3 but I also enjoy the more casual games offered on mobile platforms.  These bite sized games serve a great diversionary role and can actually be quite entertaining and challenging.  They definitely serve a different role than those I play on the PS3 and until now, those roles have remained fairly separate.  With the upcoming WWDC in June, I expect that will change.  If it doesn’t, Apple will miss a huge opportunity to gut the traditional game system market as it attempts to jump to another generation of hardware.

Apple TV

Splitmo is founded on the idea that televisions will be the next natural place for applications to land.  We see a future where there are as many apps on your TV as there are on your phone.  Additionally, we believe that your phone will be a great mechanism to interact with your television, both as a standard TV remote and also as a more featured dual screen controller like the Wii U.