About us


Splitmo is the first mobile companies to embrace the connection between mobile and televisions. This two screen environment provides immense opportunities for apps and games that aren’t possible with your mobile phone alone. Our apps showcase this emerging market. At Splitmo, we invite you to experience dual screen apps at their best and Show Life Large™.

“Small mobile phones and large HDTVs are a perfect match.”

Rob Witman – Founder

Rob lives and breathes mobile, having most recently served as CEO and Co-Founder of Riffware since 2004. Before that he was plunged into the startup world with a desk next to Bill Gross at Idealab for 4 years in Pasadena California.


“Mobile devices connect our world.”

Phil Jacobsen – Principle Engineer

Phil brings over 20 years of software engineering and startups experience.  During that time he served as co-founder of Inlet (acquired by Cisco Systems in 2011) and Dir. of Technology Development at Osprey.

“Splitmo is leading the TV app charge!”

Scott Barstow – Advisor, Principal @ Bandwidth 213

Scott is a seasoned starter, rapidly proving out products and businesses over the course of his 22 year career. He has held strategic leadership positions at Symantec Corporation, Bandwidth.com and other smaller technology companies focused on creating new technology for the marketplace.

Scott pic

“Consoles be warned, mobile games are coming to the family room TV.”

Kirk Owen – Advisor, CEO @ Zenph

Kirk has over 18 years experience in the computer and video games industry.  He has developed, produced, distributed and published games across virtually every platform including console, Facebook and iOS.  Kirk was CEO and co-founder of game publisher, Merscom, that was acquired by leading Facebook developer Playdom. Playdom was subsequently acquired three months later by Disney.